Himapant Animals - Tigers.

Thanks to AJARN NOO for designing these beautiful designs - you can obtain the full design content by buying his book directly at his Temple in Pathum Thani if you can get there

Please do not take these images to your tattooist, as Ajarn Noo has deliberately altered the Sanskrit katas on the designs to prevent Copycats!.

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Yan Tattoos - Tiger tattoo
Yant Suea Koo
Yan - suea awg sueg
Suea Awg Sueg
Yan - Tiger tattoo
Yan - Tiger tattoo
Yant Suea-Pahyong Daech
Yan - Tiger tattoo - Suea Thai Pha
Suea Thai Pha
Yan Suea Daw Hliaw Hlang
Suea Daw Hliaw Hlang
Yan - Leaping Tiger
Leaping Tiger (Suea Paen)
Tiger Yant tattoo
Suea Hliaw Hlang
Leaping Tiger Thai tattoo
Suea Paen (Original Version)
Yan - Leaping Tiger tattoo Yan suea payong daech
Suea Pyong Daech
Yan - Tiger tattoo small version
Suea Phab Hlak
Yan - Tiger - himapant animal yant
Suea Sum Paad Glorn
Yan - Singh tattoo
Yant Singh Koo
Singh Tong Chay
Yant Singh Thongchay
Gasora singh
Gasora Singh

The Himapant Animals, and the Phenomenon of Khong Khuen

Himapant animals are Mythical animals from the Himapant forest of India (an ancient Legend). The Animals consist of a whole Pantheon of amazing creatures, such as the 'Kinnari' and 'Kinnorn' (Half man, half bird - those of you who have visited a Thai Temple may have seen some of these figures guarding the Temple grounds, along with the 'Yak' (Green and red Giants with big teeth).

There are so many different Himapant animals, most of them are mixed together from 2 or 3 different animal types, such as 'Macchaanu'; Hanuman's son, born of hanuman the monkey General, and 'Nang Suwanna Macchaa', a kind of mermaid. Macchaanu has a monkeys body and face, but posesses the tail of a fish! The Himapant animals represent elemental powers and Boddhisattwas (Compassionate protectors), and thus are considered very powerful as tattoo Magic.

One phenomenon that is apparently unexplainable aboutYant tattoo is 'Khong Khuen', a kind of posession, where the tattooee recieves the tattoo of the Himapant animal and upon receiving the 'Kataa' (Mantra) blown into his tattoo from the Monk, he then becomes taken over by the spirit of the Himapant animal he recieved as a tattoo.

I have seen this phenomenon many times, and find it to be unexplainable.Some people may fake it i am sure, but some of the cases i have seen are undoubtably authentic. The subject is completely innocent to what happened when he was in trance.

Thais believe that the Himapant animals can rise to protect you in times of danger..but i also believ that they can rise up if you behave wrongly and do not respect the rules of wearing a Yant tattoo.

Anyone wishing to see this phenomenon should visit the Temple on 'Master Day' where thousands of disciples throng to pay respects to the deceased Master, Hlwong Por Phern. As to the rules of wearing a yant tattoo, there are many. A few of the more common ones are listed below;

Rules of Abstention

  1. Do not eat Star fruit, Pumpkin, or any other 'Gourd' type Vegetable.
  2. Do not Be anybody's Lover who is already married
  3. FORBIDDEN in Extreme, to slander anybody's Mother (this means most women, if you think about it).
  4. Do not eat food from a Wedding, or Funeral banquet.
  5. Do not Eat left-Overs.
  6. Do not Duck under a Washing Line, or an overhanging building.
  7. Do not Duck under a Banana Tree of the type Thaanii (classed as important to avoid).
  8. Do not cross a single head bridge; Large or Small bridges are not Forbidden.
  9. Do not sit on a Ceramic Urn (Common in Thailand).Especially a Cracked, or Broken one.
  10. Do not let a Woman Lie on Top of You, or Sit on Top either.
  11. Do not permit a Man to be Brushed by the blouse or skirt of a Woman, or crossed in Front of; Especially during the Menstruative Period.

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