Hanuman fights Erawan

Hanuman Yantra ???????????????

Hanuman fights with the Vehicle and Consort Animal of the God Indra; Erawan

Hanuman fighting Erawan Elephant

Hanuman breaks the neck of the 33 headed elephant vehicle of Indra – Erawan. This yant is from a scene in the Ramakian (ramayana) story.
The scene depicts the part of the Ramakian Epic where Hanuman breaks the neck of the Elephant Erawan, Sacred Vehicle of the Brahmin Deity, Indra. In fact, it is Intarachit riding on his elephant Karunraj who morphs out and turns into the manifestaions of Indra and Erawan.

Hanuman breaks Erawan's neck

Erawan has 33 heads, 7  tusks protruding from each of his 7  heads. Each of these tusks is dressed with seven lotus ponds, with 7  lotus flowers in each pond, each flower had seven petals, with 7 angels on each petal, each of these angels have 7     Heavenly ladies in their entourage.

Surin Elephan herders

Surin Elephan herders

This Yant was used by Surin* Elephant herders when an Elephant will not be tamed, or is unruly. The yant should be inscribed on a cloth, or kite paper, and is tied to the leg  joint of the elephant. The animal will do as indicated, sleep, work and eat as ordered.It can of course, also be tattooed, if you consider that each yant also has higher inner meanings than are applied for the general uses assumed by the common folk.

* Surin – Surin is a Region to the East of Thailand, close to the Khmer border. Surin is one of the Provinces most renowned for Khmer magick.

Erawan – Sakyant Tattoo by Ajarn Anek  (Phu Dam/Rasi Dta Fai)



Ajarn Anek

Devotee of A.Kiaw gets Hanuman Hak Kor Chang tattooed and goes into trance (Videoclip).