Samnak Sak Yant

Samnak Sak Yant – Sak Yant Masters

Samnak means “office” and Samnak Sak yant means a salon for tattooing sak yant of a certain Master. if it is a small office, then it is preferably named “Dtamnak” , whereas for a large operation such as Wat Bang Pra temple, you should call it a “Samnak”.

There are a great number of  Sak Yant tattooists, in Thailand, some of which are real authentic Masters, and some are not. Sak Yant requires training in Meditation, Concentration and also Khom magical language and kata. A serious practise of Vipassana is normally the way to attainment of the necessary abilities to make Sak Yant magic, and the Katas work effectively.