Sak Yant Book

Sak Yant Buddhist Tattoos E Book is now out on sale.The book is the first of two Grimoires, and was released in September 2010. The book contains 300 pages of intensive introduction and initiation into the mysteries of Sak yant and Thai Buddha Magic.

The second Book is now in the making, and looks to cover a possible 5 to 700 pages of very detailed investigation and reveals the Mysteries of the Mon, Lanna and Khom traditions, with a massive pantheon of Yantra designs presented and explained to you. The second book focuses much more on the designs and the history of the tradition, than on the tattooing aspect and the various Ajarns. Soit will be of great interest to academics, occultists, Buddhists, Pali students, Sacred Geometry practitioners, and those who are into Kata Chanting for their Yant, Thai Amulets and Deities

Here are a few pics of some of the Yant covered in the first book