Rules of Conduct

The rules of abstention for wearers of sak yant are known in Thai as “Khor Haam” – Different Masters have different rules of conduct for wearers of sak yant Thai Khmer Buddhist temple tattoos – here are some of them;


There are different rules of abstention for sak yant tattoos depending on which master.The list of different rules acording to each master will be documented below and updated as new info from newly found sak yant masters comes in

Wat Bang Pra rules.

  • 1. Do not eat Star fruit, Pumpkin, or any other ‘Gourd’ type Vegetable.
  • 2. Do not Be anybodys Lover who is already married
  • 3. FORBIDDEN in Extreme, to slander anybody’s Mother (this means most women, if you think about it).
  • 4. Do not eat food from a Wedding, or Funeral banquet.
  • 5. Do not Eat left-Overs.
  • 6. Do not Duck under a Washing Line, or an overhanging building.
  • 7. Do not Duck under a Banana Tree of the type Thaanii (classed as important to avoid).
  • 8. Do not cross a single head bridge; Large or Small bridges are not Forbidden
  • 9. Do not sit on a Ceramic Urn (Common in Thailand).Especially a Cracked, or Broken one.
  • 10. Do not let a Woman Lie on Top of You, or Sit on Top either.
  • 11. Do not permit a Man to be Brushed by the blouse or skirt of a Woman, or crossed in Front of; Especially during the Menstruative Period

Some Masters may include the following;

Do Not speak inauspiciously to or of your; Mother , Father or master (Kroo).

  • Do not commit evil deeds.
  • Devotees of the same master are forbidden to fight or compete with each other – they should consider each other members of the same family and cherish each other.
  • Do not drink alcohol or take drugs.
  • Do not make special claims of having protective powers because of your yant or amulets.
  • Do not think that the power of the yant will protect you if you intend to use those powers for bad deeds.
  • try to keep the five precepts.