Types of Yant

Different Types of Shapes and Magickal Purposes of Sacred Geometry in Yantra Tattooing

There are various categories of Sacred Yant, which can be split into the following;

  • Amnaj – the wearer is rendered powerful in both senses,physical or in a more subtle way such as Politically.This kind of yants of interest to people wishing or needing to command respect and obedience.
  • Maetthaa Mahaniyom – Compassion from others is obtained,popularity is achieved with one’s peers and people feel the need to help you.
  • Kong Grapan Chadtri – protection from sharp weapons and projectile objects
  • Mahaa Sanaeh – Charm and attraction to make one attractive to the opposite sex, or even obtain the love of a particular person
  • Klaew Klaad – Powers of evasion – fatal accidents and dangers are avoided through the power of this kind of Yant
  • Tam Kwaam – Obtain specific results through a complex formula designed to obtain a defined goal/result; classed as black magic Tam Kwaam can be used to make a husband leave his wife, make somebody ill or even die, win a court case, make someone stop speaking about you…almost limitless are the ways that this kind of spell can be applied.
  • Jang Ngang – Paralysis/Inability to react.This spell stuns the target.
  • Sathw Himapant – Mythological animals tattooed to invoke the specific powers and qualities of the particular animal. This kind of tattoo is thought to bind one with the essential spirit of the cosmic being portrayed as an animal and can result in the posession-like phenomenon of “Khong Khuen”
  • Choke Lap – Luck and Fortune; designed to bring one fortuitous results, such as promotion in one’s workplace, winning lotteries, achieve higher social standing The reason that that the list of types of Yant is said to be six or seven kinds is the the “Tam Kwaam” variety means active results spell,which uses one of the other six types of purposes to manifest it’s goal/target. Tam Kwaam is not really a Buddhist practice as such,rather a for of selfish egoistic black/grey magic.With the exception of healing spell.