Great Preference Yant

Yant Mahaniyom

Yant Mahaniyom is also known as the great Preference Yantra – this is because of the fact that is posesses the powert of Metta Mahaniyom; The word “Niyom” in Thai means to prefer.. it can also be used for meaning that something is Popular. Si in fact you could translate “Yant Maha Niyom as two different names – 1. Great Preference Yantra, and 2. Popular Yantra. In reality the word Niyom in this case relates to the fact that when the magic of the Yant instills compassion and loving friendliness in the hearts and minds of those who behold it’s wearer, then preferential treatment is obviously one of the effects that you will recieve from the people around you.

Yant Mahaniyom - metta magic, round yantra

Yant Mahaniyom means “Great Preference Yantra”.

Traditionally, yant Mahaniyom is generally Tattooed placed on the right shoulder on the back, but in the case of wishing to tattoo it in a different location, then this is of coourse possible. Round Yantra, apart from representing the face of the Buddha (or Brahma if you are Brahmin), are usually Metta mahaniyom orientated, and instil a general air of completion, wholeness and balance.

You can chant the following Kata (which is contained within the crossed lines going from center up, right, down and left) to activate and increase the magic – chant it either mornings and evenings, or just during the day as you are doing your daily necessities, chanting it silently in your heart until it become automatic;

Sugittimaa Supaakadto Suseelawaa, Supaa Jaaro

Gesalomaa Asampidto Yasassa Waa Wa Jetiro

These katas are not really just sentences of words with meaning, rather scrambled sentences with the syllables jumbled into encoded form. This is the case with many other kata too, such as the seven syllable kata of Sang Wi Taa Bu ga Ya Ba; which each of the syllables represents one of the seven ways of categorizing and breaking down the Tripitaka’s 84,000 suttas into categories,