Yant Sip Tidt

Ten Directional Yant – this is an alternative to the Yant Paed Tidt, which is commonly used by almost all Ajarn Sak. This version protects in the 10 directions instead of eight only (addition of above and below, as well as a deeper, interdimensional meaning too).yant108-sip-tid
The following is a synopsis of the phonetic translation for each Khmer Agkara letter (known as Pasa Khom in Thailand),  reading in a clockwise direction. This is, however, not always the way a Kata is read in a Sacred Yant; Sometimes you must intuitively realise which kata is hidden therein, and extract it in this, intuitive way. The Kata will reveal itself to the dedicated Practitioner.

Phonetic Translation of Khmer Agkara Lettering (Pasa Khom)

Sa (lower letter top central sector at 12 O-Clock), A (upper letter in the top central sector at 12 O-Clock), Ra (1 O-Clock sector), Mae ( 2 O-Clock sector), Na Waa (left to right in the 3 O-Clock sector), Bpaa (4 O-Clock sector),  SSa (5 O-Clock sector), Sa Sa (upper and lower letters in the 6 O-Clock sector) , Tha ( 7 O-Clock sector), Nae (8 O-Clock sector), I Sa (left and right letters of the 9 O-Clock sector), Na (10 O-Clock sector), and Ga (11 O-Clock sector).