Yant Gan Bpisaj Demon Stopper

Demon Stopper Yant – ?????????????

Inscribe the Yant on a White or Red cloth and Invoke the following Kata 108 times:
Tu Sa Ma Ni

Drives all kinds of Ghosts Evil Spirits and Demons away
You can Hang it over a Baby’s Crib and he/she will not be bothered by anything.

Below is the analysis of the Khorm Agkara on the outside panels of the Yant


The interior Agkara reads:

  • Thamang Chang Bagaa Sae Thi Gu Si
  • Yagkha Sa Puttaa Ma I
  • Na Thaethang Gumpanthaanang Mi Jaewana
  • Wagaatayoemi Thaasa

The Characters in the small squares in the middle are numbers;
12, 8, 4, 5
12, 6, 15, 10
3, 12, 1, 9
2, 7, 14, 11