Yant Ongk Pra

‘Ongk Pra’ is A simple Buddha Yantra used both as an Individual blessing and also as an embellishment to other, larger Sacred Yant designs. Commonly seen as 9 small Buddhas sitting on the nine spires of the Gao Yord Sak yant tattoo

Yant Ongk Pra is one of the most commmonly tattooed images in Sak Yant, due to the fact that it is used to place under the Unalome in many Yantra, and is thus tattooed in multiple numbers on most Looksit. But this Ongk Pra design is a more complex larger one for applying as a free-standing Yantra in itself.

Yant Ongk Pra

The lower section of the three ovals of the Buddha, contain the Kata Na Ma Pa Ta Ja Pa Ga Sa I Ga Wi Dti Put Ta Sang Mi

The top central section contains the Gunstopper Kata; Puttang Uddt-dta, Tammang Adt-dta Sangkang Bidta

Around the Yant are the syllables ‘Iswaa Su, Ma A U’

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