Yant Phuug Hun – Effigy Reanimation Yantra

Yant Phuug Hun  is a very ancient piece of sacred geometry derived from Animist Sorcery, combined with Necromancy,  which in the form I am about to present to you, has been adapted and combined with Buddhist philosophy.

Below; Yant Phuug Hun – Effigy Reanimation Spell

 Yant Phuug Hun

This particular Yant, is not specifically intended for tattooing in the skin as a Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoo, although there are many similar looking designs which can be tattooed, which have different meanings and purposes to this one.  The design can be used for two different kinds of magical spellbinding, namely to bind an existing love affair or regain lost lovers, or to use as a kind of ‘Voodoo Doll’ effigy known as ‘Hun Payont’. 

The words ‘Phuug Hun’ means ‘To reanimate an effigy’, and this is precisely the Magickal purpose of this particular inscription.  Please watch and enjoy the video below, to learn more about this sacred Yantra design.