Yant Prajao Sip Chat

???????????? 10 ???? Yant Prajao Sip Chat

This is Yant Prajao Sip Chat (Yant of the Buddha’s Ten lifetimes) meaning the last ten lives of Buddha as told in the Chadok tales.
This Yant will be analysed after Wai Kroo (2nd of February ends).

???????????? 10 ???? Yant Prajao Sip Chat

Yant of the ten lives of Buddha

The two flags in the top have the Kata “Na Chaa Li Dti” in them – one written forwards (left to right) and the other side written backwards (right to left)  thus;  Na Chaa Li Dt i- Dti Li Chaa Na The small squares in each top corner above the flags,  are versions of “Na Maetta” and gave the four elements kata “Na Ma Pa Ta” also forwards and backwards on left and right sides thus; Na Ma Pa Ta – Ta Pa Ma Na (Actually, both read Na Ma Pa Ta because the right side must be read from right to left). The squares within the flags are the letter na with a square Kata saying Na Ma Pa Ta – Na Ma Ta Pa (once again they actually both read as “Na Ma Pa Ta” because of the reading method needed to interpret the yant).

This yant in the middle is the dame as seen in Yant Nam Dtao, Yant Putta Maetta, and Yant Pra Putta jao 5 Pra Ongk – namely 5 knots with the letters “Na Moe Put Taa Ya” inscribed within each knot, one syllable for each knot. The one in the top in the middle says  “Ya” and the middle left and right knots say “Na” and “Moe” (left and right respectively). The two knots in the mottom of the design say “Taa” and “Ya”  (left and right respectively). Around this design is the Kata (top to bottom from left to right in that order) “I Dti Bpi Soe Pa Ka Wa A” (A is for “Arahang), and also beneath the five syllable Yantra is the kata “Na Chaa Li Dti” which is so commonly seen used in luck and fotune and money attraction charms and spellmaking. The lowest kata in four diamond shaped squares is once more the 4 elements kata of “Na Ma Pa Ta”.

The Kata within the unalome zig zags around the central design i wish to keep for a later date when i shall perhaps  reveal more on the matter.