Ajarn Bunmee and Montree Pumtip

Ajarn Bunmee and Montree Pumtip are situated in kalasin Province. They are of Hlwong Por Phern Wat bang Pra Lineage.

ajarnbunmeeWai Kroo Ceremony for this Samnak in 2009 is celebrated on 21-22 of March at Number 277 Moo 15 Ban Pai Tong, Tambon Hlub, Ampher Mueang, Kalasin Province. 16:00 on the 21st weill begin with evening prayer chanting, meditation and metta sending with Hlwong Por Phern. During the ceremony there may be also sak yant tattooing if the ceremony permits. On the 22nd there will be offerings to the Sangha at 07:00 hours, after which there will be the Wai kroo ceremony to Hlwong Por Phern, and sak yant tattooing.

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Left; Looksit of Ajarn Ord sit in prayer at the Wai kiroo ceremony in kalasin. This Ajarn doesn’t oly make sak yant for his devotees, he also teaches meditation and to chant prayers in his ceremonies. He has a massive following and is highly revered for miles around the whole province.

All Looksit of Ajarn Bunmee Pumtip and Ajarn Montree Pumtip (Ajarn Ord), are also devotees of the great Hlwong Por Phern of Wat Bang Pra in Nakorn Chaisri. The Bunmees are pure Hlwong Por Phern Lineage, and follow his reverend to the finish, with Hlwong Por Phern being the main focus of his yearly Wai Kroo Ceremonies.


Wai Kroo ceremony to Hlwong Por Phern in kalasin


Poojah Table

Poojah Table

Several Ruesi hermits are represented in the altar of the Bunmee Samnak, including Ruesi Hnaa Suea, Por Gae Dta Fai, Hanuman, and Pra Pirab

Buddha magic in the outer regions of Thailand is normally mjuch more wll preserved than in Central Thailand – Those who live in the area around Kalasin will now be happy to know that they have  a perfectly authentic and well respectred Ajarn in their area.



Ajarn Ord uses a particularly long Mai sak as his preferred instrument – you can see the collection of extremely old looking (and most probably extremely rare and valuable) Dtagruds he has hanging around his torso. Fro my experience, the Isan Monks and lay practitioners are amongst the most diligent and pure that Thailand has to offer. Isan and the North has many secrets to offer, and Sak yant now plans to uncover all of these Masters and Ajarn for you, be they Ruesi, Monks, or Brahmins.
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