Ajarn Plik

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This is ajarn Plik  Brahmin Master, and Looksit of Hlwong Por Phern. I met him yesterday at the Wat and had a wonderful converstion with him. One point he mmade which i agree with is the fact that it is not necessary to take tens of thousands of baht (as some “famous ajarn do”) to raise funds. He pointed out the simple fact that wat Hlwong Por Phern (wbp) has managed to build hospitals, bridges, mausoleum and many many projects for the local folk on the basis of a minimum donation of 25 baht per tattoo (for a normal small one), with a total investment made with donations over the years of 1000 million baht.

you can find him tattooing at wat bang pra in front of LP Phern’s mausoleum across the way from LP Phaew. He has been tattooing sak yant since 20 years and is a fine artist, and a nice man

Tattoos by Ajarn Plik