Pra Ajarn Pornsit

Pra Ajarn Pornsit of Wat Sawang Arom Temple (Chiang Mai)


Ajarn Pornsit is an Ordained Bikkhu of the Sangha in the Buddhasasana, and an accomplished Sak yant Master and Amulet maker. Until now, i seem to have failed to present much info as fare as sak yant masters in the North of Thailand goes, and thus i am very pleased to be able to add this master to the list of Samnak Sak on the site Wai.
The latest Tagrud amulet from Pra Ajarn Pornsit is of the Maha saneh, na Jang Ngang, Maha Laluay and Riak Sap type.
The Amulet is limited, and has a special Kata given by Pra Ajarn himself;

“Ung Bat Badtaa Jidtaa Swaahung – Aatidt Bpen Mit Gab Kroo Jant Chome Dtroo Put Nong Yao Sug Bpaag Hwaan Angkaarn Rap Ao (pronounced “Ow”) Rahu gab Sao Bpen Mit Gab Goo”

“?????????? ????? ????? ??????????????????????????? ?????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????? ?????????????????????????”

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