Hlwong Pi Phaew

Hlwong Pi Phaew

Hlwong Pi Phaew is after Hlwong Pi Pant the Master who i have known longest at Wat Bang Pra. Hlwong Pi Phaew can be found on the long balcony behind the Mausoleum of Hlwong Por Phern on the right side of the Temple grounds when you enter the gate (behind the massively high white tower).

hlwong pi phaew

HP Phaew is renowned for his quiet manner and voice, and his friendly smile. he has a very fine line style of tattooing, which doesn’t really hurt too much. His balcony is usually crammed with young devotees every day, but don’t worry about waiting too long as if you are a foreigner he normally will call you up and jump the queue with you. HP Phaew is from the Isan country (N.E. Thailand). This Master has been resident at Wat bang Pra since about 12 years. Whoever you get your sak yant made by, i recommend paying a visit to HP Phaew to get a taste of his friendly aura. Those who know him will confirm this for me i am sure.

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