Hlwong Pi Yaa


Video of Hlwong Pi Yaa Tattooing

Hlwong Pi Yaa is one of the practising masters remaining at Wat Bang Pra Temple since the passing of the great Ajarn Yai Luang Por Phern. Hlwong Pi Ya is not always visible in the salon where also Hlwong Pi Nan is tattooing daily, because he is often in the back office – but if you ask for him he will emerge. His tattoos have a strong bold effect despite being pretty detailed. Neither thin nor fat are his lines, rather just a nice balance between the two thicknesses ofcontours normally seen in sak yant. He is rather modest, but also outspoke and has a straight brash manner which does not beat about the bush. His honesty is obvious, as is his modesty. L.P. yaa is a very likeable character, although is not given to overconversing. He still speaks more than LP Nan though who is hardly ever seen to be very active  in conversation whilst working.
LP Yaa is located in the Sala next to the Ruesi and Hanuman statues which are grouped together to the right of the main building where the Abbot of Wat Bang Pra (Hlwong Por Sam Ang),  recieves his visitors.