Yant Maha Amnaj

Yant Maha Amnaj exists in many versions. This one is a triangular shaped one, with three ‘Ongk Pra‘ images surrounding it. The word ‘Amnaj’ in Thai means ‘Commanding power’. This Yant is good for people in positions of authority be it in ones profession or even in the household or public environment.

This kind of Yantra is also good for people who don’t seem to get noticed and need to impose more authority.

Yant Maha Amnat

This Yant also serves as a Maha Ud Gunstopper. Good for those in Military, Police or Personal Security professions such as Bodyguards to use for protection and power over ones underlings.

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Another version of Yant Maha Amnaj can be found in Sacred Grimoires as a Sacred Na, used to inscribe on face talk or to make Taklrut or to tattoo as a Sak Yant Tattoo.

Below; Na Yant Maha Amnaj