Yant Patamang Si Daan

Yant Patamang 4 Daan 4 – ?????????? ? ???? ?

Yant Patamang 4 Daan 4 - ?????????? ? ???? ?

Yat Patamang 4 Daan 4 - ?????????? ? ???? ?

This Yant Is an eight Yant set of designs for making Tagrud amulets (four Deities and four magic squares. I have published and given a synopsis of meaning, creation method and Kata chanting in my Sak Yant E-Book publication. It is a rather complex ceremony for the creation of this Yant, which also has a magick square on the reverse side. this most complex of elemental mixed with Himapant animal/deva yantra. submit to the rss feed for this page, and keep up to date with the new additions i shall be adding here as i get the opportunity.

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