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Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos – Thai Sacred Geometry of Yantra – Kata Akom, Agkhara Khom, Khong Khuen, Wai Kroo, Samnak Sak Yant, Ajarn Sak Yant – Wat Bang Pra Tattoo Temple and the Legend of Luang Por Phern. Sak-Yant.Com is a free informational website – please feel free to browse all the categories, blogposts and info pages on the site and increase your knowledge and understanding of Sak Yant Thai Buddhist tattoos, and the secrets of Thai Buddha Magic. If the info on this website is not enough for you, or you are seriously interested in Buddha Magic, Ruesi-Ism, Sacred amulets and Sak Yant tattoos, then you can extend your knowledge and support the Sak Yant Foundation project by purchasing the Buddha Magic Bi-Monthly Ezine, which hopes to help finance the manifestation of the Sak Yant Foundation and an Ashram for teaching Buddha Magic and Vipassana Kammathana practice.

The Buddha Magic series will end with Issue 5 for this Year to allow me to finish the second Book on Sacred Yantra. The Thailand-Amulets.Net website is now the official sales channel for my Publications on Sak yant and Buddha Magic, and in addition distributes authentic sacred amulets to devotees around the world. Any profits made from this enterprise go to the funding of Buddhism related projects and the Sak Yant Foundation Museum development Project.

Sak Yant Buddhist tattoos, Animist Magic, Spirit Possession, Sacred Amulets (E-Book)

Presenting ‘Sak Yant Buddhist Tattoos’ an E-Book on Sak Yant Tattoos, Sacred Geometry of Yantra, Khom Sanskrit, and Animist Occultism in Thailand. All about Sak Yant tattoos, designs, meanings, how to make offerings, hygiene questions, kinds of Masters..
The book is the pilot for an upcoming printed edition. 300 pages of text and full color pictures dealing with a multitude of subjects ranging from;

Sak Yant tattoos, Sacred geometry of Yantra, History of Yant magic, Analysis of Yant and their respective heart Mantras, Ceremonial methods in magical rituals. Animist magic,spell casting methods, how to make magical substances, Pali Kata (Mantras) …

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Buddha Magic Thai Occult Ezine

Buddha magic e-mag is very Thai Buddhist Amulet orientated, so for those who wish to learn about Thai amulets or are collectors, the e-mag should prove very useful indeed. Occultists and Anthropologists will also find it a very useful reference work for their studies and projects, or for research for their own essays and manuscripts. Amongst other things covered, the topics of how to practice and perform ceremonies is one of the main topics of the Ezine, which aims to help Buddhist people who are trying to practice the Thai form of Brahman influenced Theravada Buddhism properly, and wish to know more details on how to properly perform acts of reverence, praying, setting up the altar etc. Buddhist art and sculpture is also a regular topic each issue. Biographies of Thailands greatest Master Monks, Folk legends, Deities, Rituals and Ceremonies, magic spells and animist effigies.. Each issue will delve further and further into the myriad of Mystical arts to be found existing and being practiced in Thailand.

Buddha Magic Issue 2

Buddha Magic Issue Three

buddha magic ezine issue three cover art

Buddha Magic Issue Four

buddha magic ezine issue four cover art

Buddha Magic Issue 4

Buddha Magic Issue Four has over 100 Pages of Full Color Articles about Thai Occult and Buddhism, Sacred Amulets, Master Monks and Temples, Buddhist art and sculpture, Thai Mythology and much more. This was the first ever of Spencer Littlewoods Ezine Publications, which are now slowly enjoying a Cult status and ever increasing popularity for the depth of revealing information on the Mysteries of Thai Occultism and Ancient Mystical Traditions. Thai Buddhist amulets are a major theme of the Ezine, and has a treasure trove of rare and detailed information for the student of Thai Sacred Amulets, to aid in recognition, appreciation and evaluation of Thai amulets. Thai Master Monk Biographies, Sak Yant, Buddhist Ceremony and practice, How-Tos, sacred geometry, Kata Chanting, Deities, Magic Spells…

Preview some screenshots of Issue 4 Below

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Contents Buddha Magic Issue Four

• Yant Duang Pichai Songkram – the great Yantra to win Wars – The legend of the most powerful and
sacred Yantra in the eyes of Thai people. A Yantra design with Astrological permutations which was
once only reserved for Royalty and high ranking officers of the Royal Palace.
• Dtamra Duang Pichai Songkram – before modern War Strategy was introduces in the Twentieth
Century, Thailands Military used a mix of Strategic Positioning using sacred geometrical shapes in
the form of Animistic Yantra which had been drawn out in auspicious astrological alignments, and
Sacred Buddhist Kata and magical ritual on the battlefield.
• Luang Por Pratueang – Wat Daan Jaroen Chai – Biography of the Sak Yant master whose habit of
using a Katana knife to test the magic of his tattoos on the Looksit became so legendary that the
catchphrase ‘Saeg Laew Sap’ (cast spell then chop with a knife), was coined for his style of Sak Yant
blessing. This article covers the biography of Luang Por Pratueang and his role in the History of Sak
Yant tattooing – his Looksit who continue the Lineage of Sak Yant at Wat Daan Jaroen Chai are also
documented, as is their work in Sak Yant tattooing.
• Nang Gwak – 2 different legends tell differing tales of the origins of the lucky lady of Merchants and
salesmanship, which is so often seen in Thai shopfronts and places of business, as well as in almost
every home.
• Pra Somdej King of Thai amulets – part four of the ongoing series covering all Pra Somdej from all
six Eras of Somdej making history. This issue deals with Pra Somdej Wat Gaes Chaiyo Pim Hok Chan
and Jet Chan, and uncovers some of the main criteria used in discriminating authenticity and age
through examining the Muan Sarn within various Pra Somdej Wat Gaes Chaiyo amulets as a means
to fine tune the eye into recognizing the subtle differences of discoloration, dryness, hardness and
shape of the various Pim Song which were made by Somdej Pra Puttajarn Dto Prohmrangsri, and
hidden in the large Buddha image at Wat Gaes Chaiyo.
• Somdej Dto Prohmrangsri – Chapter five of the ongoing Biographical tale of Jao Prakhun Somdej
Pra Puttajarn (Dto) Promrangsri (Wat Rakang Kositaram)
• Use of Incense in Thai Buddhist Ceremony and Prayer – instructions in how to use different
numbers and colors of incense and candles to symbolize different motives. What each number of
incense sticks means, and how to pray with them.
• Wicha Sak Yant of Luang Por Guay, Wat Kositaram – Biography of Luang Por Guay with a special
focus on his practice of Sak Yant tattooing. This story is a two part Biography of the great Master of
Wat Kositaram, whose Sak Yant and amulets were so very famous for their power. Part two of this
rather long article, will continue in issue 5 of Buddha Magic, which is expected in late April 2011.
• Siarn Bucha Kroo Duryataep – The Duryataep, Brahman Deities and Ruesi masks are used in Yearly
Wai Kroo ceremonies, not only in Magical Arts, but also the Performing and Engineering
professions, as well as other respected pastimes such as teachers. Teaching profession is perhaps
the most logical profession to have a Wai Kroo for, due to the fact that the word ‘Kroo’ means
‘Teacher’ and ‘Wai’ means ‘raise hands in reverence and respect’
• Yaksa Deities – Who are the Asura Yaksa? – In depth study of the Yaksa, and their origins.
• The Minor Arcana of Yant – part one of a continual series of presentations of lesser known Yantra
designs used in Sak Yant tattooing, and Buddha Magic in general. This issue presents two smaller
Yantra, one for Love charm and good commerce and one for Merchant seamen and people who do
business in boats or floating markets. Magic spell-casting methods are included for the first of the
two designs – Yant Sariga Lin Tong.
• Pra Putta Roop Bpaed Samay – two more Buddha sculptures from the series of articles compiling
the eight Eras of Thai Buddhist art and Sculpture. This issue presents us with an ancient statue from
Lopburi; Pra Sae Dtangka Manee, and a twin pair of wooden carved sculptures from Wat Okas in
Nakorn Panom.