Pra Ratchakru

????????? ?????????? Pra Raatcha Kruu

I feel the need to dedicate a large part of my knowledge to the Author of the Book “Yant 108 Pitsadarn”, by Pra Raatcha Kruu Waama Taepamunii (phonetic spelling);

A Brahmin Yantmaster, and composer of the most important document on Yant to ever be published in the Thai Language! there will be a dedication to this Great Scholar of Yant, and “Paasaa Khom” (Khmer Sanskrit). He wrote three great works; Namely, 108 yant, 108 Na, and 108 Pra Kaataa (Mantras).
In his book, he also documents and explains how to read and write “Agkara Khom” (Khmer lettering).In addition,he explains all the corresponding rituals and offerings, chants and methods of designing the 108 Yant designs.I have learned the majority of what i know from this single literary work of Genius! I feel the necessity to dedicate praise where it is due, and it would be true to says that without the preliminary work of Pra Raatcha Kruu Waama Taepamunii, we would never be able to be here, reading the info that is growing in content on this site.
We would never get to find out the mysteries of the Sacred Yant Tattoos.