Acid Proof magic amulet

I also once saw a video from wat tam faed temple in Kanjanaburi, which made a showshowing how the abbot pulled the “mid Hmor” (magic knife) out of the “Nam Monthr” (prayer water) and rolled some kind of “ectoplasmic goo” around it, which seemed to come from the “khee tian” (candle wax) which he had been letting drop into the bowl as he chanted. The “goo” was then wound around the devotee’s head, and subsequently given to an assistant, who then would take it to the amulet press and let the devotee press it into an amulet, which he was then allowed to keep. Unfortunately for Wat Tam Faed, i saw this video and remembered making nylon using acetone and some other stuff in chemistry class, and remember winding the same identical looking “cosmic goo” around a glass rod and pulling out of the clear liquid in exactly the same manner. I don’t believe that temple, have also foned the place and tried to talk to the Abbot asking to visit, upon which he hung up. Please be wary of charlatans. Maybe i am wrong, but those pressed amulets didn’t half look lke acrylic/nylon – they were even transparent. If anyone goes and gets one take it to be tested at a chemist or some plastic expert. I myself hope to get the chance to visit and obtain one to decipher if this is real magic or not

I have a few of the Wat pramote amulets if anyone wishes to get one, pm me or email me

This shows a scene at Wat Pramote temple, which currently advertizes its’ latest edition of amulets as being able to protect the wearer from being burnt by acid, and devotees are freely invited to go to the tmeple to test them out for themselves. A lay devotee from the temple is there with bottles of acid for you to see how he pours the acid on clothing, which then bursts into flames and disintegrates in smoke. He then gets you to hold the amulet and stretch your hand out whilst he pours some acid on the hand that doesnt have the amulets. Although this may be authentic, i tend to believe that they are using “grod Klua” (salts acid) which i often have used to solder tattoo needles with using my bare hands..This acid will melt plastic and burn cloth, but not skin, glass or metal. Chemistry has some strange things, and one can easily fool people who have no knowledge of chemical properties. I have some of this amulet actually so maybe i will risk a real “Kool Aid acid test (lol) – and hope it doesn’t turn ito a “band aid” acid test 9meaning it didnt work and i lost the skin off my finger). Ill post and let you know if i end up daring to do it. Im a little dubious as i still remember my fear as Ajarn Noo took the Carpet cutter and sawed my arm after having shaved my leg with it first to prove it’s sharpness. That left me with little desire to test the protective powers of amulets.