Wai Kroo Yant Coin Amulets Ajarn Bpum

Five different ‘Pim’ (models) are presented for the Wai Kroo ceremony. It isnt exactly that the more expnsive amulets are more powerful (although sometimes they are due to higher content of charm herbs and magical ingredients which have a scientific and physical effect on human pheromones and hormones), but that the person who wishes to afford a greater donation and make great merit may attain good fortune through improved karma because of his generosity. In addition, the more limited numbered expensive lines of amulets also increase in rarity and value as years pass, and can even be a monetary speculation in collector circles. They are primarily of course, “Puttanussadti’ (remembrance of the Buddha) but, because of the miracles connected with Thai amulets, are also representative of personal customized magic spells to protect and improve the life of the devotee.

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