Sak Hanuman Hak Kor Chang

The videoclip in this post is of Ajarn Kiaw tattooing Yant Hanuman Hak Kor Chang (Hanuman breaking the elephant’s head) The elephant in the image of this Yantra is the image of Erawan, the 33 headed elephant upon whom the Deva “Phra Intr” rides (Indra). Unfortunately you dont get to see the image of the tattoo, you will only see the devotee being tattooed and going into trance, at one point laughiing in the voice of “Por Gae Rasi Dta Fai” (An ancient Legendary “Ruesi” Hermit). Part of the ceremony for this Yant is to stab the devotee with a knife at the end to test the powers of Kong Grapan (invincibility against sharp objects). The force that Ajarn Kiaw applies whilst stabing the devotee twice using the direct point of the knife is incredible.The scene depicted in the Yant tattoo is taken from the “Ramakian” legends, which are the Thai adaptation of the Ancient Indian Mythical epic tale from the Ruesi Hermit sage “Valmiki” – in this scene, Hanuman fights with Rama’s army and helps to defeat the God Indra by breaking the neck of Chang Erawan (the elephant vehicle of Indra)