Khong Khuen Spirits Within

A new video compilation of scenes of Khong Khuen Spirit Possession during the 2552 BE Wai Kroo Luang Por Phern Tidakuno (Wat Bang Pra) Master Day Ceremony, seven minutes long, for you to observe and investigate the various Mythical Characters and Protagonists who Manifest in the form of Khong Khuen, and see how similar indeed, different Devotees behave when entering trance of the same Spirit Deity or Himapant Animal.

Khong Khuen Wat Sawang News

For example, when a devotee becomes Hanuman, he will always scratch his head and flanks, and make a whooping sound, and jump from leg to leg. Por Gae Lersi Hermit God will point with a straight arm upwards or forwards, and shout. Suea Phaen leaping tiger will run forward screaming, with hands raised before the chest or outstretched, the Hongsa Swan will flap wings as if in flight, Jorakhae Crocodile will slither along the floor, and Moo Tong Daeng Boar will bound along on four legs.

Enjoy the video compilation, and wonder in Mystery as to what is the truth behind this Mysterious Phenomenon, we know as ‘Khong Khuen’

Khong Khuen (Ancient Spirits Within) Spirit Trance Possession Wai Kroo 2552 BE Wat Bang Pra

Khong Khuen during Wai Kroo Manorah at wat Nai Tao in Trang

Khong Khuen during a Wai Kroo Khong Khuen during a Wai Kroo

Khong Khuen Suea Phaen Wai Kroo Wat Bang Pra 2553 BE

Khong Khuen Suea Phaen Wai Kroo Wat Bang Pra 2553 BE