Proper Offerings for Samnak Sak Yant Ajarn Ord and Wai Kroo

Specific Rules and Offerings differ with each Samnak Sak Yant – in this post, i shall present you with the necessary information for visiting the Samnak of Ajarn Ord, and treat you with a couple of video clips from this Years 2558 BE Wai Kroo Master Day Ceremony. Ajarn Ord Pha Khaw is a Sak Yant Master in the Luang Por Phern Tidakuno (Wat Bang Pra) Lineage, and a Very Powerful Master of Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos, as well as being Adept at Astrology, and A Master of Ceremonies for the Installation of ‘Sān Pra Poom’ (Deity Shrines and Spirit Houses).

Wai Kroo 2558 Samnak Sak Yant Ajarn Ord Kalasin

Wai Kroo 2558 Samnak Sak Yant Ajarn Ord Kalasin

If you visit the Samnak Sak Yant of Ajarn Ord in Kalasin (Isan Country), then you need to know the following information to bring the correct offerings If you go visit to get Sak Yant Tattoos,

For Bucha and Sak Yant at the Samnak, take  the following offerings;

1.ดอกไม้ 1 คู่ Flowers (one pair of Garlands)
2.ธูป Incense
3.เทียน Candles
4.บุหรี่ 1 ซอง One pack cigarettes
5.เหล้าขาวขวดเล็ก 1 ขวด White rice whisky one small bottle
6. ค่าบูชาครู 599 บาท (ยันต์ครูเก้ายอด, ยันต์พระเจ้า สิบหกพระองค์) and 599 baht.

Please note, not all sizes and amounts of Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos are 599 Baht – 599 Baht is the current official monetary offering for either Yant Gao Yord, Yant Pra Jao Sip Hok Pra Ongk. If you wish to receive larger tattoos or multiple tattoos, you should discuss this at the Samnak with Ajarn Ord himself.

– If Khao Pansa – (rainy season Monks retreat time) no Whisky or Cigarettes needed in the offerings.

ในช่วงเข้าภรรษา ไม่ต้องเอาเหล้าและบุหรี่มาถวาย

Wai Kroo 2558 BE Samnak Ajarn Ord Pha Khaw Part 1

Wai Kroo 2558 BE Samnak Ajarn Ord Pha Khaw Part 2

Info source;ไหว้ครู-สักยันต์-ประจำปี/

Wai Kroo Ceremony Ajarn Ord 2558 BE

A Lersi assists Ajarn Ord in the Conducting of the Preliminaries

Below are a few more images of the Wai Kroo This Year.