Sak Yant in Chiang Mai – Ajarn Gamtorn

I just found another Ajarn in Chiang Mai for those who are looking for masters there. His name is Pra Ajarn Gamthorn. His work looks very clean and accurate. Ajarn Gamthorn is resident at Wat Nong Khem in San Patong on the outskirts of Chiang Mai. Ajarn Gamthorn uses the Traditional Lanna Script used in North Thailand, which is a differing kind of Agkhara lettering to the traditional Khom lettering. As you can see, this master uses a hygienic glove to tattoo with. This is a good thing to do, for the hands can have dirt and bacteria and cause infection.

phra-narai-song-khrut sak-yant-chiang-mai-7

here is the link to the site with pics of him and his work.
Thai Guide to Thailand

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I hope to be creating a page for himon the Samnak Sak section too with more details and pics. If anyone visits this Ajarn please be kind and send some pics and any info youmay have to add for members to be able to find this Ajarn as easily as possible, and so we can see more work from this Ajarn.
Here is a google map of the approximate area where the temple is located;

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