Samnak Sak Ajarn Noo Ganpai

Sak-Yant at Ajarn Noo ganpai’s – ????????????????

In this Video you will see Kroo Gai, Ajarn Noo and Kroo Nid (Ajarn Noo’s younger brother and apprentice) making sak yant in their samnak sak at Patum Thani. Ajarn Noo was always very nice to me, but i must say that the behaviour of the other Kroo Sak in the Samnak is not really too fitting, and that the prices are more than you would pay a world class western tattooist on an International convention.

Needless to say, that fame and fortune always brings arrogance with it. If you dont wish to pay 50 times more than the normal price i would seriously consider whether onne should visit or not. A friend wrote and told me that he was asked for 30 thousand baht for Gao Yord (almost a thousand dollars for a tattoo half the size of your palm). The friend didnt have so much money and asked if 500 dollars was ok. The “Kroo Sak” then waved to him giving a sarcastic smile and said “Bye Bye”
To earn more than an Engineer in Thailand does in a month in the space of 15 minutes was still njot enough for these people, who once made the same tattoo for 100 Baht.
Dont be fooled by fame – Authentic Masters are to be found all over Thailand and one shouldn’t need to pay more than a few thousand baht for a medium tattoo at the most – unless you want to say “i got it from the same person who made Angelina Jolie”.
Ajarn Thoy makes Gao yord for 1000 to 1500 baht depending on the size of the customer (the tattoo is made according to the size of your neck therefore is different size for each person). He also has use of my Autoclave sterilizer, which is a real plus as far as personal health safety goes.
Ajarn nooo says he changes the needles but every time i was there i saw them use the same stick rerpeatedly on different people without changing the tip. All they did was to flick the end of the stick in a bucket of water (same bucket and same water as used for all people).
Hepatitis can survive on a dry surface for over 3 months. You can die from Hepatitis.

Recently, master Noo ganpai has released a mass factory produced amulet and yantra cloth for sale in all Seven Eleven chain stores.

Macdonalds and KFC still dont have them for sale, so if you want one you’ll have to go to seven eleven.

To date there is a clay Yant Ha Taew abnout fingernail size made from either nickel or plastic, its hard to see through the plastic wrapper – but it does look rather flimsy. Also there is the Yantra Cloth “Yant Ha Taew Chatr patch” (five pillared yant with the Diamond Parasol) – This Yant Cloth has the typical deliberate misspelling of Khmer Agkara we have come to know and expect from Master Ganpai.

Two of the men who crawl around in trance on the floor in the Video are Mr. geng, producer of Thai Comedies and films and nhis associate, also an actor. They are to be seen almost daily at Samnak Ajarn Noo,. Whether their trance is real or pure performance for publicity reasons, i leave to you the reader to decide.