Ajarn Tong Talad Plu and Singapore

Ajarn Tong is resident in his Samnak Sak Yant at Talad Plu just next to Wat Pleng temple in Samut Prakarn.
You can also catch him one month off and one month on in Singapore at the Fo Guang Hang Geomancy and Amulet centre. Ajarn Tong is an extremely friendly and likeable Master whose traditional bold line work has the look and feel of the traditional Sak yant tattoo in the tradition of LP Phern.

Video of Wai Kroo with Ajarn Tong at FGH in Singapore

I shall be returning to post a google map of each of Ajarn Tongs locations in Thailand and Singapore, as well as the adress in Thai of Wat Pleng, and more fotos of his work when i have time.

If you wish for an economical price i advise to visit him in Thailand at Wat Pleng, as the prices of Sak Yant in Singapore are rather expensive. If you are in Singapore and wish to fins A.C. Tong, you can find him at the Fo Guang Hang Geomancy center.

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