Pra Ajarn Chanai

Sak Yant Master Luang Por Chanai

Sak Yant tattoos by Tattooist monk Pra Ajarn Chanai Chantasaro, whose Samnak Sak Yant is located in Nakorn Ratchasima at Wat Nong Gae temple. But he is also recently seen to be mostly resident in Khon Kaen, and appears to be moving around.

The temple of Wat Nong Gae is in Wang Sai, in Pak Chong Municipality. Ajarn Chanai makes excellent (and powerful) Sak Yant tattoos, as well as various Thai Amulets, especially Takrut Amulets. On Master Day, he gives sometimes two Korb Kroo initiations using two different Ruesi masks; Por Gae Narot, and Pra Pirab ( Yaksa / Asura).

Ajarn Chanai is most famous for his Sak Yant Suea Hua Khad, which has its own legend and story. Suea Hua Khad means ‘headless tiger’ and is a popular tattoo to remove or reflect evil influence and bad Karma back to where it came from. Seen as a burden bearer, the headless tiger will carry your burdens and recieve your bad luck in stead of you.
You can enjoy a gallery of his Sak Yant Tattoos below