Wai Kroo Ajarn Lao

Ajarn Lao Master Day Ceremony 2010. ไหว้ครูอาจารย์ลาว

I have received information saying that Ajarn Lao is celebrating his Wai Kroo ceremony on the 14th of February this year – although i havenงt been able to confirm this. Ajarn Lao is one of the more elusive Ajarn to find and does not seem to market himself much, resulting in it being difficult to keep tabs on his whereabouts.He is normally pendling between Singapore and Bangkok so it is never sure where he is at any particular time unless you are one of his Looksit.

You can find Ajarn Laos Samnak Sak in Moo 2 at Bang Phli Noi in the outskirts of Bangkok up the Bang Na Trat road. Drive past the Central Bang Na shopping Mall, continue a few kms past the tesco Lotus on the left side of road towards the airport and tell the taxi to go to bang Phli Noi – hell have to di a U-Turn about 3 kms after the lotus store at Bang Na and then pass the Lotus Bang Phli. After this he will have to find Moo 2 and enter the soi. Once in the Soi you will have to ask the local motorbike taxis if they know where Ajarn Lao’s samnak sak is – i am sure they will know as they will be ferrying other Thai devotees and most of the motorbike taxis will have a few sak yant by him i should imagine.

SDC10573 ajarn-lao Sak Yant

Here is a google map of the vicinity to print for taxis and the adress up to Moo 2 in Thai

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