108 Yant new additions


Sak-Yant.Com News Update
I have now added four more yant to the 108 yant Archive – more coming soon. here are the links to the newest additions
These yant indeed existed on the old sak-yant site, but were never analyzed in such detail as they are now – i have entered much more info as well as a lot of subsidiary information as to the background of the yantra – especiually in yant Bpanjamukhee and Yant Pra Jao ham Tukh

Latest Yant added on the Yant 108 section;

| Yant Maha Rud | Yant Pra jao Ham TukhGreat Preference Yantra | Five Faced Deva Yantra |

Yant Maha Rud Buddha forbidding Suffering Yantra Yant Mahaniyom yant Bpanjamukhee

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