Master Ruesi Ajarn Ord – Wai Kroo Luang Por Phern

I am still to this day Amazed and Convinced Entirely of the Definite Lineage Powers of Master Ruesi and Sak Yant Master Ajarn Ord Pha Khaw of Kalasin. He is the Inheritor of the Wicha Sak Yant of  Luang Por Phern.

He explains about the fact that the phrase ‘Yant 108’ does not mean there are only 108 types of Yant, but that there are an uncountable amount of Yant. He explains the meaning of Wai Kroo, that the vibrations of energy from the Kroo Ba Ajarn of Ancient Times, are passed down through the ceremonies of the Ages through the current Master to the Looksit.

That it is a ‘Charging of the Batteries’ of the Blessings of the Kroo, and for the Looksit to get to know each other and learn that they must all love and respect each other and never fight each other, for they are the Looksit of the same Kroo Ba Ajarn. He explains that the Kroo passes the current of the magic of the Lineage through well wishing thoughts with Good intentions, so the Looksit who wears the Yant, received from a Pure Source, should not think Bad Things or Ill Intentions, and should also try to think Good Things, and avoid thinking Bad Things.
Not all Masters these days teach to not be Violent or to practice the Precepts, it may be in their list of rules, but not all masters explain well and bring the Devotee to a proper Understanding of how to maintain the purity of the Yant, and prevent it from falling into entropy and going bad.

I feel that this aspect of wearing Sak yant is being Ignored or taken less seriously than it used to be, and people get tattooed before even considering what it is they will have to change in their life to keep in line with the beliefs and practice of ‘Khong Mee Kroo’ (Sacred Magical Arts with a Ruling Guru Deva governing it and protecting it).

Sak Yant Wai Kroo - Samnak Ajarn Ord

Sak Yant is ‘Khong Mee Kroo’ (ของมีครู) before one gets Sak yant, One should Understand Fully what ‘Khong Mee Kroo’ means and what the basic Rules are. Once a year, those with Sak Yant must attend ‘Wai Kroo’ and receive ‘Korb Kroo’ (Ruesi Mask blessing), in order to renew and recharge the protective magic for the Year ahead.

With what Yogic and Pranic Experience i may have  to Date, i can see clearly how Ajarn Ord uses Prana Breath Energy to bless the Looksit in the first blessing in this Video where he uses a wooden Meed Mor (spirit knife) to endow the forehead of a Devotee with Blessings. Anyone who has practiced Prana Breath or has attained Samadhi will see clearly how Ajarn Ord takes in his breath and focuses and then channels the energy as he blows on the head of the Looksit.

Very faith Instilling and Inspiring to see a Master with Visible (to some) Abilities. He is the Looksit of Luang Por Phern and learned his Wicha from his Master Ajarn Montree Pumtip, who was a direct student of Luang Por Phern (Wat Bang Pra), and received his Wicha Sak Yant directly from the Great Master of Wat Bang Pra himself.

In Kalasin, at the Ashram, there is a Yearly Wai Kroo to Luang Por Phern for Looksit of Wat Bang Pra and LP Phern in the Isan Country to pay reverence and renew their Yearly protective Blessings from the Kroo Ba Ajarn, and witness the Miraculous events of Wai Kroo.

This is an Event which should be more attended by Foreigners, as it is as close to Luang Por Phern Lineage as it is possible to get, and is one of the most important Wai Kroo Ceremonies in the Country as far as Sak Yant is concerned. Ajarn Ord is in fact one of the most important and respected Masters of grand Experience of the Present Era, but does not seek Fame and Fortune as much as many lesser Ajarns, so this Fact remains unknown to most Foreigners. His Ashram is a True representative Office of Luang por Pherns Sak yant Lineage, and deserves much more Visitation and Interest from Foreigners, so please make an Effort to Visit the Ashram in Kalasin.

Address in Thai for Taxi or your Guide to use for Contacting;

โหร.มนตรี พุ่มทิพย์ (อ.อ๊อด) 416 หมู่ 2 โค้งหัวสนามบิน ต.ไร่น้อย อ.เมือง จ.อุบล
โทร. 089-0222003 อาจารย์มนตรี พุ่มทิพย์ (อ.อ๊อด ผ้าขาว)

Ajarn Ord Sak Yant Master