Yant 108 Pitsadarn Book Now in Stock

Yant 108 Pitsadarn book

First the good news.. the long wait for the availability of the printed Thai 108 yant Pitsadarn book is over. The thailand-amulets.net Publications section now stocks this Volume in A4 Print edition hard Back book. The Book is the 108 Yant Pitsadarn A4 size Edition (Thai Language) By Ajarn Urakint Wiriyaburana of the Thai Brahman Temple – a mass of authentic Yant with the correct Kata and Khom Agkhara spellings, aplication method and a Thai-Khom phonetic Key for self tuition of the Khom Scripture. The book is an Essential item for students of Sak yant and of Thai Buddhist and Occult Sacred Geometry.

108 Yant Pitsadarn Chabab Pitsadarn (A4 Size Extended Version) – Ajarn Urakint Wiriyaburana – Samnak Prahm Thai (Thai Language)

Bad news now;
Save all you wish to use from this website because the hosts, hostloco.com have not only destroyed the database and made it impossible to transfer to a new server, and have exercised their right to cancel the hosting plan, meaning that end of this month will see the end of sak-yant.coms content.
I am trying to save what info i can and hope to use sakyant.org to rehost and recreate a much better and more extensive website up to modern standards, and more professionally written (i have developed better skills over the years).

UPDATE!! 3RD MARCH; I have managed to save the whole website! – the data is safe and the sak-yant.com domain is in transfer process, but the whole info (which is what is important), is now available on www.am-ulet.com/sak-yant/

This will after domain transfer become the sak-yant.com domain and the link above will disappear, to be replaced by sak-yant.com

We can all therefore sit back and relax, knowing that the info is safe, whatever the new url may be 🙂

Neutral news of interest;
I shall be appearing on 4th of March on Thai TV talking about my life as a Layperson who practices Ruesi-Ism without it being an obstacle to Lay Life. (update!! – this show was shelved in the end)
some pics are attached to this post of the interview. I am in the process of seeking land to use for building an Ashram for Ruesi-ism and Buddhist meditation and house the Sak Yant Foundation and Museum within the premises in a separate wing, and slowly build a sacred place of practice and worship, which can be left to future generations to practice Buddhism. I shall be publishing the progress of this on the new sakyant.org website which is about to be redesigned and developed. In the moment it is unsatisfactory software and i wish to recreate it so that it fits the needs of the project i am planning. I have to go through legal channels so it will be a slow process to develop the ashram at first. But once a premises are obtained and i can start building i believe things will speed up.

Update! The Woody Talkshow has been Ruled Out and will not be shown, due to interior affairs influencing the decision. The reasons are unknown and have not been stated. I myself actually prefer to talk about Dhamma and Buddhist Path of Practice more than Occult and Ruesi-Ism, which was part of the Gist of the Talkshow, to begin by giving the impression that Black magic was the main issue, but then to show that in fact, what i practice is the Buddhist Path of Vipassana Kammathana Mindfulness and Jhana Meditation, but that i like to gather and preserve and also practice on en entirely personal level, what i have come to term ‘Buddha Magic’. Buddha Magic is however, not the path which i am advertizing, rather that of the Introspective practice of Cultivating the Factors of Enlightenment.

Sak Yant, and Buddha Magic, are worldly activities/interests
The Maggha is Unworldly – literally Out of This World. The two are thus in no way related.