Murder at Ajarn Noos Samnak


On the 6th of May, 2010 a dead body was found shot in a field next to the Samnak Sak of Ajarn Noo Ganpai.
The victim turned out to be one of the Looksit of Ajarn Noo and was apparently in charge of the Amulet store at the Samnak…


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due to the Looksit being a close member of the Ajarn Noo team, questions arise as to why this devotees Sak Yant tattoos and Sacred amulets did not help him in the moment he most needed it.  Before reading the article in the pdf, perhaps you might like to watch these videos of Ajarn Noo showing off his Kong Grapan magic using a cutter and swords in a convincing display of the proof of Magic

(I have corrected the date of the incident reported in this post; It was first made with a mistake in the date which said “June” – see comments below)

Ajarn Noo Long Khong Fan Daab