Ruesi Sompit, Ruesi David

Ruesi Sompit makes prayer oil by sitting in a cauldron of Boiling hot oil.



A Thai TV 3 documentary about Ruesi and the ever increasing comeback in popularity with Thai Buddhists. The documentary rightfully called upon Ruesi Sompit (one of the most authentic of  Thai Ruesi masters) to clear up the role and meaning of Ruesi in context with the Buddha Sasana.

Those of you who know or remember Sak yantpedia member Tevijjo will perhaps notice that he also appears in this documentary (Ruesi David) David is a long standing friend of mine and also a fully ordained Ruesi of the Chiwok type (medic/healer). Ruesi David is in my opinion also one of the most authentic and dedicated Ruesi of the Thai tradition.

he is often in the forest in the North of Thailand in Tudong style and otherwise is actively either helping sick people to ease their sufferings and illnesses or serving his Kroo Ba Ajarn Ruesi Sompit, as well as perfecting his practises in the forest with his meditations.
In case you don’t know what a Ruesi is;

The word Ruesi is associated with the thought of a secretive, mysterious hermit-like person who lives a solitary existence and dwells in a cave, the forest or in the mountains. The real meaning of the word Ruesi, is “Seer”, meaning one with special abilities to see things that normal humans cannot percieve. Such as vision of the three times (Past, Present & Future events). Such an ability is called Trigalachan, meaning “He who knows the three timesspheres. the oldest Sanskrit Myths and texts do not record how far back the existence of the Ruesi goes, but the Buddhist texts have a record known referring to the Buppaeniwaasaanusathiyan – of the Ruesi and that of the Buddha, and how they differ. (Buppaeniwaasaanusathiyan means the ability to remember previous incarnations). Ruesi can allegedly only remember up to a limit of eighty past lives, whereas the Buddha could remember as far back as it is possible to imagine, an endless number of lives that cannot be counted.This text also heralds the Buddha as being the superior Being and much higher than any Ruesi. There is a comment in the taerakata of the Khuttaga Nigay saying “The Great Lord Buddha is the Ruesi who is most perfect and attained of all the Ruesi”. Therefore suggesting that the Buddha was also a Ruesi, albeit the most highest of all. The creation of the great “Ruekawaes” (Rigveda) 500 years ago, was accredited to the Ruesi. Read More on the Ruesi……

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