Sak Yant tattoos Ajarn Terng

Presenting sak yant’s faithful disciples with a large gallery of pictures of the tattoos of Ajarn Terng Kong Ton. Don’t forget to click on the thumbnails to view in large format and to scroll below each pic to read the small captions or explanations i have added to each picture – comments and questions are of course welcomed. Ajarn terng has aquired a massive entourage of devotees in the younger Thai community of sak yant which is ever increasing. He has become so popular that he even has his own forums created by his looksit (devotees) – i have included a link to these forums below the gallery thumbnails in this post. I have also included his address on the google map visible below the gallery.

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Sak Yant Tattoos by Ajarn Terng Kongton



samnak sak yant Ajarn Terng Kong Ton – Soi Ekachai 109 at the entrance to Moo Baan Pra Bpin Haa, Thanon Ekachai, Bang Bon, Bang Khun Tian, Bangkok 10150. It is reachable from the Rama 2 road

Ajarn Terng’s Adress on google maps; View sakyant – ajarn terng in a google map

Ajarn Terng Kongton’s Forums (Thai language)

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