Sak Yant in Cambodia

Sak Yant in Cambodia is indeed still in existence but so little documentation on the matter has occurred till now on, and elsewhere on the world wide web for that matter. Now i am happy to say that the first examples of documentation on the Khmer role in the sak yant traditional history and present state of the tradition are beginning to appear. I do hope at some time to be able to travel to Cambodia to document the history of sak yant in Cambodia and collect samples of their work as well as finding an array of the top masters currently existent. Members of this website should help us when visiting Cambodia with any fotos, videos or info they might be able to collect and post it to us per email or comment here with links to the info, so that Cambodia can receive the documentation on the subject which
they so much deserve.
Below is a clip of a sak yant master in Cambodia tattooing. taken from you tube member “Tinfamily” video channel whilst receiving a sak yant tattoo in Siem Reap (visit his channel too please). I would like to thank and congratulate  you tube profile page for his great video and professional documentation on the sak yant in Cambodia, and for making this info available to the public by publishing it on you tube. The other tattoos on tinfamily’s back, are of course recognisably from Ajarn Anek in Pattaya (easy to see because of the Yant Kroo Phu Dam, which is the teacher yant of Ajarn Anek’s lineage).

Cambodian Sak Yant in Siem Reap