Sak Yant Updates

The last 2 months have seen a lot of changes here on and the site is growing and coming together in a much more organized manner, with blog and website functioning together perfectly. The galleries and slideshow functions allow me to create galleries with much more ease, and publishing is much more easy to arrange as one wants and where one wants. Latest additions to the site include the newest page on the 108 Ruesi legends (Phra Narot) and the latest synopsis on the 108 Yant section (Yant Ha taew) – many of the original pages have been re-edited, added to or corrected and re-published now on the new site, so please browse through all the below links if you dont want to have missed something.

108 Ruesi Legends – Phra Ruesi Narot – ?????????? | Yant Ha Taew the MovieWat Bang Pra Wai Kroo festival |

Yant Pra Jao Sip Chat – Ten Lives of Lord Buddha Yantra  (???????????????????) |

Ajarn Tern Kong Ton | Ajarn Anek | Ruesi Sompit | Ajarn Bunmee (Ajarn Ord) | Ajarn Hlong

| Wai Kroo Por Gae 2009 |Wai Kroo Ajarn Noo 2008 | Ajarn Ord – Kalasin | Yant Gao Yord???????????? |

Blast from the past – Isan Sak Yant – Bunmee family | Yant Bpaed Tidt | Yant Paech Chalueg | Yant Ha Taew | Yant Gan Pisat | Diamond Armour Yantra (Grao Paetch) | Hanuman Fights Erawan | About Sacred Yant | Types of Yant Origins of Sak Yant | (Khong Khuen (Animal Posession) | Foreign Interest | Rules of Conduct

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Don’t forget you can use the fullscreen option on slideshows in the website, try it out on this slideshow below to see the fullscreen quality by hovering the mouse over the image and clicking on the square button on the bottom right of the menu which appears.