Sak Yant using Wan Plai Dam at Samnak Luang Phu Naen

Enjoy the first ever pictures published on of Sak yant Master and Amulet Maker, Luang Phu Naen Kampiro of Wat Ban Gaset Sethee in Roi Et, as he performs a rare, and extremely powerful Sak Yant ceremony on one of his Looksit (also a practitioner of Ruesi-Ism). The Yant is tattooed using nam Man Wan Plai Dam (a sacred herbal oil using magical herbs from a sacred tree, which are said to bring great auspicious blessings). Not many Samnak offer this particular magical tincture for tattooing, so this is a rare chance to read about this topic.

Magical Useage of Plai Dam

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Plai Dam, is a plant of the Herb variety, which looks like grass leaves, with one clump or bushel being about 4 or 5 leaves in one group. Apart from being used for Sak Yant oils for tattooing Kong Grapan Chadtri type magic, Plai Dam is also able to be used for amulets and potions.When planted in the earth, the earth around the edge of the plant will turn from brown to black (Plai Dam means ‘black herb’).
If a small animal, such as a cat, walks past close to it, it will die in a short period of time. This causes the belief that Plai Dam has strong poison in it, and that because of this, if you plant it, it must be planted in a plant pot, not in the earth, for the lainger of pets or animals ingesting its poison.

The Plai takes about one year to grow. The auspicious magical time for planting and removing the Plai Dam from the pot (harvesting), is the night time. When the herb is ready for harvest, the surface of the earth in the pot will go hard, and the earth inside will have turned completely black (no brown earth left). The leaves are removed and the roots are put into an infusion with water.

If you use the water from the infusion of the roots of the plant, and let it flow into an open wound (make a small scratch on yourself), it will enter your bloodstream and become Kong Grapan power of invincibility against sharp objects and ballistic weapons. The roots themself can be dried and mixed with the black earth from the pot, and then used to mold ‘Look Om’ (a round gobstopper type amulet, named after the lozenge/boiled sweet, which is called ‘Look Om’ in Thai, meaning ‘ball for sucking’). The Look Om will be a Kong Grapan and Maha Ud magic spell (Gunstopper – guns refuse to shoot, and are silenced).

After the Tattoo is finished, the Looksit drink the Wan Plai Dam Tincture used for the tattooing of the Yant. In order for the spell to work correctly, the tincture must also be ingested after the tattooing rite.The goal of the spell is Kong Grapan Chadtri and Maha Ud Magick.

You may have even heard of the ‘Pra Somdej Plai Dam’ amulet – this famous amulet is in fact made using a certain amount of Plai Dam in the ‘Muan Sarn’ (sacred powders for mixing amulets). It is said that one soup spoon of the Plai Dam mixture is enough to make many thousand Somdej amulets with, and still be powerful.

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Palad In Koo Jantr Soorn Jantr -Luang Phu Naen Kampiro – Wat Ban Gaset Tung Sethee
Pra Khun Phaen Sanaeh Kumarn (Plai Koo) Fang Takrut Ngern (silver Tagrud – Luang Phu Naen Kampiro