Amazing Sak Yant Tattoos by Ruesi Kong Tam Dang Sila

Sharing these Astoundingly Beautiful Sak Yant Tattoos from the hand of Ruesi Kong Tam, of Samnak Sak Ban Yant Puttakun, in Chonburi. This is the work of a Master in my opinion, and a Master who is very near to my Ashram. I shall be visiting him very soon, and shall be pleased to bring people to him in the case of anyone being as impressed by his work as i am. Although i myself am now starting again to receive Looksit for sak yant, i have never been possessive or jealous and like to help people to visit whichever Ajarn they wish to.

After all, the skin of each individual is their own skin. If i had a restaurant, i would not expect all my customers to always eat in my restaurant and never go to any other place. I feel the same about Sak Yant, Magical assistance and Spiritual Advice. I really hope that i can include him in the list of available Ajarns for my upcoming Sak Yant and Temple Guide service, and will post an update on this matter as soon as i am able to give info.

Ajarn Ruesi Kong Tam is also very well known for his Amulets and Magic charms, such as Kumarn Tong and Metta Oils.