Sakyant Live Chat

Sakyant Live Online Chatroom

You can all now chat online with other members of Sakyant and make friends if you are signed in to google and have joined the site (with the google followers widget which you can see in the navigation sidebar). Once this post disappears from the homepage it will still be reachable on the above horizontal menu in the head of the page above under the tab titled “live chat”. – alternatively it can be found also under the multimedia tab
You can add real-time text, audio and video communication through the google Friend Connect system, the module includes the chatroom, notes tab, polls, slides, and videos, you can share pdfs etc too. Even communicate using your phone. So get following sak-yant using the follow widget to join, as the more of us join the more chance there will be to have a number of us always online and available to chat.. I think this could make sak-yant feel more alive than ever. There is also a chat module inserted at the bottom of the page in the roum section so you wont need to open this page to use it whilst on the forums.