Yant Kong Grapan Chadtri Wicha Lanna

A small preview of some of the video documentation I am preparing for releasing as a full feature length documentary. This is still in prototype form and hopes to receive much more polish by the time I produce the final DVD.


Ancient book of spells in Lanna Sanskrit

this video and narrative was made just as I began to practice making videos, and I am now becoming more advanced in my knowledge and ability. I now hope to begin soon on making a serious documentation, of all of the ancient books of Sacred geometry which I have collected, mostly coming from the northern regions of Thailand, and written in the ancient Lanna script.

These ancient grimoires, are full of very rare, and yet unseen forms of Sacred geometry, and animist imagery. Apart from this learning to make videos has given me 1000 new ideas for how I can return to documenting and blogging about Buddha magic, amulets, anthropological documentaries, and Thai Temple tattoos.

This means a whole new depths of the way I can transmit the things I wish to publish using sound and vision and motion. Things have become boring for me with the old way of blogging, and this is why this website has had a lot less publishing done in the last year.

I can now promise, that this is going to change and that I will publish much more often, using my new approach to publishing which is through the use of multimedia such as video and podcast channels, and video tutorials on Buddha magic topics, using various videocasting apps. The topic of Buddhism and Buddhist meditation is also something with which I am very deeply involved and have been since the day of my ordination and continuously after my disrobing as a Buddhist monk.

I have been publishing about this on other websites and networks, and I shall now be referring to those sources of multimedia here often. Media, which I have created on other websites, so have decided I should link to from here in my blogs, so that you can find them you wish, and interest yourselves for those Vlogs, videos podcasts and other publications.

If you wish to see what I have been doing in my absence from the Thai Temple tatoos website, then you should visit some of my YouTube channels and my channel on sound cloud.com as well as my time but it’s amulet website and Web store.

With over 3000 amulet in that store and it amulet having hundreds of words in each write-up which tells into its making and its history and its maker you can see that I have been constantly blogging all the time and amassing a mountain of information which has never before been documented in the English language. If tatoos is not your only interest and your interests yourself for the topic of time buddhist amulets then you will find much to read on my website there at Thailand – amulets.net.

In addition, this finally opens up the path for me to begin to make video tutorials, on how to write Khom (Khmer Sanskrit), in order to understand the sacred geometry found in Thai Buddhist temple tattoos.

In fact, I have already started to do this, and published a few basic prototype tutorials, on YouTube.com.

you can visit my channel there at YouTube.com/AjarnSpencer
you can also use YouTube.com/BuddhaMagicTV

I shall be publishing a lot of them on those two channels, as well as the you tube channel for the sak yant foundation.

I hope this shorts and slightly amateur video narrative will spark your interest and that my future video publications of the logs as people like to call them, develop and entertain you as well as provide you with informative documentaries on what are my favourite topics and I hope, also yours!

Well, that’s all for now I hope this post has spiced up your entertainment of this website and new, and you can be looking forward to some new and interesting multimedia the log and blog posts as of now

Yours truly; Ajarn Spencer 

From the ashram and from the heart

From the ashram and from the heart