Yant tattoos – Ajarn Thoy Dabos

Sak Yant by Ajarn Thoy
Finally a Slideshow gallery of just tattooos of the work of Ruesi (Rishi) Ajarn thoy Dabos of Wat Tong Nai temple.


Notice a grand difference in the line work between those devotees who can afford to donate a little more and those more empoverished Thai devotees, who sometimes have no more to offer than a hundred baht or so, and often come in queues of 30 people or so.. Ajarn Thoy loves to give his best and devote time to a tattoo when he makes sak-yant, but sometimes cannot afford to give in to the crowds of young penniless Thai youth who appear wanting his magic. So he tattoos at speeds according to the limits of his overheads and the income recieved. he al;ways gives full spell magic and blessings when he makes his katas and casts his spells, but if you wish for the best quality work, then yo should understand that even Ajarn Thoy has living costs and must keep his income and time schedule in context with each other.
Examine the difference between various designs and see how a half decent donation/offering is worth the effort to make.
Please if people get tattooed there be generous to us here at sak-yant.com and let all the members see pics of your tattoos by either posting them or links to them on the forums, yantpedia galleries or by sending me the pics using the contact mailform (on the top menu of sak-yant.com) and telling me a bit about your tattoos or experiences there, and i will publish it for you.