Yant By Pant

Sak Yant Tattoos by Hlwong Pi Pant (Wat Koh Poon)


A gallery slideshow (scroll down the page to view), of Sak yant by Sak yant dot com’s favourite Master, and my personal Kroo ba Ajarn who was the first Master to be kind enough to initiate me into the mysteries of Sak Yant. It has been a while since i gave Hlwong Pi Pant some exposure, and i feel that he deserves reviewing since so many people have come to enjoy sak yant, i believe that perhaps some people have never had the chance to see what he is made of. LP Pant my good friend and Master is for me the most compassionate of all Masters i have met to this day. And is unequalled still in his expertise in whacking out sak yant with such fluency. His great kindness, friendliness, compassion and jolly disposition is always a refreshing and inspiring experience which leaves you with magical memories of a day in your life well spent with a pure hearted Monk whose simplicity despite of great mastery and power is so difficult to encounter in this day and age.
Long may he be here for us to recieve his blessings. LP Pant is the Wat bang Pra monk whose tattooing is most similar in style and mood to those of the Great Master of all time himself Hlwong Por Phern, who i beieve Hlwong Pi pant to be his most loving disciple and apprentice. LP pant is a piece of living sak yant history and a Legend in his own right!

Pics from 2007 – thanks to professional photographer Martyn Goodacre for use of some of the fotos. martyn is such a talented and gifted fotographer.
please visit www.martyngoodacre.com to admire his work.


Here is the location of Hlwong Pi Pant at wat Koh Poon temple in Ban Hmor Village just about 12 kms after Chaiyo township in Ang Tong province the blue ballon marks i think the exact spot. you can zoom in and out to print overview and close ups for taxi to get there. Print both the adress in Thai which i have added below and the map in zoom in and zoom out so he can see which motorway to take and you”ll get there fine.

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You should get a taxi from the Hmor Chid station at best.. try to haggle for 2000 baht there and back with no meter.It will cost about 2400 with the meter.

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