Buddha Magic in Motion – some interesting Video Clips

To show the extreme varied world of Thai Buddha Magic and Occultism, i thought would show sak yant interested people some videos of other aspects of Thai Supernatural to increase and expand your knowledge of this Topic. Perhaps some of you may not know of these things, and be interested to investigate further, which you can also do by reading my ezine ‘Buddha Magic’ which informs on all aspects of Thai Occultism, Sacred Amulets and Sak Yant.
Ajarn Meng Khun Phaen (also makes Sak Yant), brewing a potion of ‘See Pheung’ a wax balm with various necromantic or magical ingredients ised for love charms and business improvement, social climbing etc.

Part 2

Part 3

Making ‘Nam Man Prai” (Prai oil)
Prai Oil is a sacred oil for Metta used in Love Charms, for soaking other amulets in, and for praying to for increased Business and even protection, or luck in gambling. This video is made at Wat Laharn Rai in Rayong – famous temple of LP Tim who made the famous Prai Powders used in the Khun Phaen Prai Kumarn amulets which gained so much popularity and fame for their success in increasing business and improving the love life.

Prai Oil has many different forms and methods of making, the most extreme being pure necromancy, implementing the use of hand extracted human corpse oil as its base concentrate essence, and coconut fat from broken coconuts used in funeral ceremonies to break open over the faces of the recently deceased.
I have covered this topic in Buddha Magic Issue 1 in great detail, including the relation of Prai materials and the Kumarn Tong Golden Child Effigy/Deity.

Puttapisek (Buddha Abhiseka)
The empowerment of opening the eyes of a Buddha and that of Thai Sacred amulets is performed using various methods of chanting incantations and prayers called ‘Puttapisek’

This is usually performed as a Symbiotic Ritual ceremony with both Thai Brahman Laymasters and Ordained Bhikkhus (Buddhist Monks) and sometimes Ruesi Hermits, which has a very particular sequence of events and ceremonial objects involved.

The above image shows Ordained Bhikkhus (Buddhist Monks) Bowing to a Ruesi. This occurred at Wat Mon in Ayuttaya in front of over 700 other Monks and thousands of Lay Persons. This is considered Improper and that a Bhikkhu can never bow to a Ruesi, rather, the other way around. Even in Thailand, wrong knowledge of the correct way to practice and the complex mysteries of Buddha magic.

Kong Grapan Choke Lap – Blessings
Sak Yant is only one small facet of the practice and services available from a Ruesi or an Ajarn. This video shows Lersi Sompit performing a spell for Kong Grapan and Klaew Klaad spell and then one for Choke Lap (riches and fortune) and bestowing the blessings on a Looksit (Devotee)

Fang Khem Tong – The Golden Needle – Insertion under the Skin
Performed for luck, protection and good health, the golden needle is inserted by Monks and Masters around Thailand, and is relatively common practice.

Multiple Spirit Possession
In the below video you can see various unrelated members of the public in temple grounds, where each person affected enters into a possessed trance, where each person performed the same actions and displayed the same traits. One of the people affected speaks in the voice of an old man and declares hiself as ‘Por Phu’ the spirit of a Ruesi deity whose shrine is within the temple grounds, and says that the shrine must be moved from in front of the school.