Buddha Magic – Issue One out now!

Buddha Magic Issue One

I am happy to announce that i have finished and released the first issue of my bi-monthly publications on Thai Occult, Sak Yant, Animism, Sacred Amulets (and their makers, how to make them etc), Buddha sculpture, Historical thai Buddhist articles, legends… Buddha Magic costs 12$ U.S. and has 70 pages in color with pictures. You can use the below Button to pay with paypal even if you don’t have a paypal account. After payment, you will be taken immediately to the download page. I have done this to make it easier for you to get your download instead of waiting for me to send the link. Each link is counted and logged after you pay, so please dont try to share the links, because it will be noted along with IP adress.

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here are a few screen shots of the first issue of Buddha Magic

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I hope the Buddha Magic e-mag proves to be of interest and useful to those of you who purchase and read it. The first issue does not have any sak yant related articles, and is focused more on Saiyasart (Thai Occult) sacred amulets, necromancy and Buddhist sculpture. There are also a couple of Master Monk Biographies. I did this because i have just released the e-book ‘Sak Yant Buddhist tattoos’, so i didnt want to repeat things too much, and decided to let the first issue of the e-mag leave sak yant alone for one issue. The second issue will have some sacred Yant designs in it which are used in candle magic, and i hope to be able to include some sak yant related articles too. I would like to thank the people of Singapore for their support and interest, for it seems that those who are interested in getting wise about Thai Buddhism and Occult matters, amulets etc, are Singaporean. Singaporeans constitute about 70 percent of the people who bought the sak yant e-book till now, for which i would like to commend Singaporean people for their seriosity and interest in understanding Thai Buddhism and Occult matters.This is one of the reasons i began to write more about amulets in the e-mag, for i see that Sngaporeans are perhaps number one foreign interest in Thai amulets, and need as much info as they can get on how to recognize fake from real, and knowing more about the less commercially marketed amulets and their makers..
Buddha magic e-mag will be very amulet orientated, so for those who wish to learn about amulets or are collectors, the e-mag should prove very useful indeed. Occultists and Anthropologists will also find it a very useful reference work for their studies and projects, or for research for their own essays and manuscripts.

Buddha Magic Issue 2

Coming soon……. payment links will be posted after issue