Sak Yant Master passes away

Sad News – the passing of a great master in the Wat Bang Pra Lineage;
Ajarn Bunmee Pumtip (affectionately known as ‘Dta Mee’ [uncle Mee]), of Kalasin, has passed on into the next stage of his Karmic journey, and has left us. He passed on Monday the ninth August at 20:40p.m..He was 78 years of age.
Sak-Yant.Com website would like to express sadness at this news, and to offer the fruits of our merits to Ajarn Bunmee for all he has done for the Wicha of Sak Yant and preaching the Dhamma and spreading the knowledge of the goodness of Hlwong Por Phern and Wat bang Pra in the North Eastern region of Isan.

May Ajarn Bunmee prosper in Dhamma,and be reborn on a Lotus in the pure realms, and meet the Dhamma, to continue his progress on the path to enlightenment as quickly as possible.

Devotees are invited to visit, for offering respects and condolences at the Ashram of Ajarn Ord, behind Wat Klang temple in Kalasin, Isan.Looksit should come to listen to the chanting of the Abhidhamma for Ajarn Bunmee
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e-sarn sak yan- Ajarn Ord Bunmee (Ajarn Ord, Kalasin)
video of wai kroo Ajarn Bunmee Kalasin