Hlwong Pi Paew tattooing at Wat Bang Pra

Quite a rare sight to see Wat bang Pra Sak yant Master LP Phaew on You Tube. So i thought i would post it here, for all to see this long standing Wat Bang Pra master from the Isan country who is strangely less photographed than many of the newer masters. This is most definitely influenced by the fact that LP Phaew hides himself on a balcony behind the LP Phern mausoleum, and his humble attitude is also an influencing factor that he is less covered in the media than some masters. This was not the case ten years ago and more, because there werent as many masters in that time, and most of the looksit were Thai, and were attracted to LP Phaew and LP Pant in great numbers. Older magazines and news articles always featured these two monks whenever sak yant was the subject.

Hlwong Pi Phaew tattoing at Wat bang Pra