Clearing up the confusion about Ajarn Nuads Samnak Sak Yant

Apparently the existence of two different Ajarn Sak Yant with the same name has been the cause of confusing contact info being circulated. I would suggest that we find out now what the suffix-name of each Ajarn is so we can be specific when referring to each Ajarn, and that we now try to confirm and document on the website which Ajarn is definitely working from which Samnak.

As far as i understand from photos and info i have received from a friend who was conferring with me to find Ajarn Nuad (the one with the beard – Nuad means beard), and he did some serious reconnaissance and taxi driving to find exactly where this Ajarn in Soi Lad Praw is located and if it is indeed the Ajarn Nuad in question who i featured in my first publication, the e-book on Sak Yant.

In the end, it seems that the Ajarn Nuad featured in my book is in Kanjanaburi, and that the Ajarn Nuad in Soi Lad Praw in Bangkok is another one who has till now eluded my awareness.

Sak Yant – Korb Siarn – Wai Kroo – Samnak Ajarn Nuad reveals the true atttitude towards the practice nof this Wicha Sak yant, and the way to wear these Sacred Blessings..

Ajarn Nuads Respected Samnak Sak Yant reveals the true tradition of Sak yant and the Lineage, as well as how the wearer is called upon to behave within the five precepts in order for the Yant to perform their blessings.

This explains also how people should not take a Yant design to a tattoo studio, for there is too much tradition and religious belief involved for this to be performed in such a manner.

Enjoy some pics which my friend sent me from Ajarn Nuad in Lad Praw Bangkok. Please if anyone finds the true Kanjanaburi address of the other Ajarn Nuad, post it on the forums for others to use, as we are speaking of a very important Ajarn who is one of the few in direct Wat Bang Pra Lineage who seems to be keeping the true Wicha and being very respectful to not be tempted to develop curiosities or step outside of his lineage. he reminds me of Luang Pi Pant in his work a lot too, and seems to be a true Wat Bang Pra Lineage master, who has a very long and great trajectory in front of him.

Ajarn Nuad – Soi Lad Praw, Bangkok.

Photo and Tattoos; Andrew P.

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Soi Vachirapol (Ram Intra district)
Next to Wat Sri Pongs Dhamma Nimitta, in Moo Baan Resorta.
(Blue metal gate, and a sign in Thai which indicates ‘Ajarn Nuad’).
Telephone: 087- 031 5053
Samnak Sak Yant Opening Times;
Non Holidays: – 17:00 pm onwards
Saturdays and Sundays:- 08:00 am onwards.
Thai for print and give to Taxi
ที่อยู่ :ซอยวัชรพล ย่านรามอินทรา ติดวัดศิริพงษ์ธรรมนิมิตร หมู่บ้านรีสอร์ทต้า เข้ามาประตูรั่วสีฟ้ามีป้ายบอกว่าบ้านอาจารย์หนวด
เวลาสักยันต์ วันธรรมดา สักตั้งแต่ 17.00 น. เป็นต้นไป วันเสาร์-อาทิตย์ ตั้งแต่ 8 โมงเป็นต้นไป
โทร: 087- 031 5053

All that remains now is to clarify the true and exact whereabouts of our Amazing, Elusive and Bearded Ajarn Nuad from Kanjanaburi/Wat Bang Pra, and to make a page worthy of both him and this Ajarn featured above, so that his non-Thai speaking Looksit and admirers can seek him out. One way to contend with the National Dissatisfaction arising from tattoo studios making Sak Yant is this, by making the true Ajarns whereabouts known so that people can get their Yant wherever they are in Thailand without having to get it from a studio with nor magical or religious training.

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